Box Trailers for Sale

Box Trailers for Sale

Small box trailers, for sale by Economy Trailers of Australia, are recommended for anyone hoping to easily dispose of the trash in their back yard or slowly move the entire contents of their house, one load at a time. Fully enclosed, box trailers come with their own padlock and come in a number of different sizes, ranging from 6'x8' to 13'x6'.


Box trailers for sale at Economy Trailers, one of Australia's leading manufacturers of small, affordable trailers, include a standard box trailer with a starting price of $1,520. Lean and sturdy, this box trailer comes with welded zinc sheet panels to ensure durability. It also includes a solid axle and a chassis welded to the floor and panels. Conveniently, it comes with quick-release coupling. For those who don't know what this is, "QR coupling," also known as "quick connect fitting," is a way of disassembling hydraulic and pneumatic lines quickly and efficiently without any tools. And, because this cage trailer for sale comes with a pair of mudguard flaps to prevent mud from getting all over the wheels during muddy excursions, the manufacturers have also respectfully included corresponding gussets to protect the flaps. Taken as a whole, this assortment of assets lends the box trailer the aura of a trailer built with longevity in mind.


Offered in both blue and black, the 7x4 Economy Box Trailer is on sale for only $1,100, a reduction of a hundred dollars off of its original starting price. Those in search of box trailers for sale could do worse than purchasing this new trailer. To begin with, it has a solid axle and 50-millimetre quick-release coupling. The safety chain has been rated and satisfies all industry regulations. The wall panels that line the inside of the box are profiled, meaning a traditional metal appearance that is unusually aesthetic for a trailer of this kind. The flooring and sheet panels are made of zinc, which makes them impervious to rust and, unlike many other cheap trailers, unlikely to decay overnight. The flooring is 1.9 millimetres. A spare wheel has been fitted to the drawbar in the event of an accident while a swivel jockey wheel is also bolted to the drawbar. The swivel jockey wheel is an adjustable-height wheel that helps ensure the stability of the trailer during bumpy and potentially ruinous excursions.


Like the standard box trailer for sale, the 7x4 Economy Box Trailer has an industrial Hammerton paint finish. All Economy box trailers for sale are built using high-quality steel combined with extensive engineering experience, ensuring that customers get the absolute most durable trailer for their money.

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