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Australian Made Camper Trailers

At Economy Trailers, we believe in providing you with locally-made trailers that are expertly constructed out of the highest quality materials. Our trailers are some of the strongest around and some of the most affordable as well. The price may be cheap, but the construction is not.


Our trailers are expertly engineered from high-quality steel to last even in the harshest Australian conditions. Add sturdy axles, rust-proof zinc paneling, and other features of your choosing, and you can rest assured that our durable trailers will keep your gear secure no matter where you are going. Do not pay more for lower quality. Choose Economy Trailers for the best trailer at the best value.


Made by Australians for Australians


Our trailers are made by local tradesmen who understand the demands of the environment around them. All of our equipment is engineered to Australian standards, and is specifically designed to handle everything this land can throw at it. Do not simply hope that a trailer made elsewhere will be able to endure conditions its makers have never seen. Choose a product that was built by people who know precisely what their creation will need to tolerate.


If you need a trailer custom-made for your exact needs, we can provide that as well. Turn to Australian made camper trailers Gold Coast or Australian made camper trailers Ipswich for durable equipment. We build our trailers to last.


Our Camper Trailers


Our camper trailers, like all of our products, are manufactured from superior steel and are built to handle extreme conditions. These trailers are ideal for hauling gear wherever you need it to go. Our trailers can handle all kinds of conditions.


Our camper trailers are equipped with solid axles and heavy-duty chasses for maximum sturdiness. Leaf springs provide shock absorption over rough terrain, so your gear stays safe and secure no matter where you are hauling it. These trailers are each equipped with 6 stud wheels. Each also has an upright spare in case of accidents and jockey wheels for height adjustments. Their long draw bars leave plenty of room for tool boxes, and jerry can and gas bottle holders provide extra storage for necessities.


Our camper trailers are engineered out of high-quality steel that is protected by fully seam welded zinc paneling to ward off rust. Long-lasting LED bulbs light the way on your travels. In addition to the standard features, you can choose to add brakes, racks, and couplings to better meet your needs.


We have multiple camper trailer sizes for you to choose from. We also accept custom orders. Turn to Australian made camper trailers Brisbane or Australian made camper trailers Toowoomba for your ready-made or custom-made camper trailers.


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Our trailers, made by Australians for Australians, are designed to give you the best quality equipment at the lowest prices. Explore our inventory to find the right trailer for you, or give us a call to talk about your custom order. If you are anywhere in the Brisbane area, including Ipswich, Gold Coast, and Toowoomba, come see us!