Tandem Trailers for Sale

Tandem Trailer Toowoomba

A tandem trailer just as the name suggests, is one that has two axles one after the other. This means that a tandem trailer will have four wheels attached to the two axles. Tandem trailers for sale have advantages over single axle trailers as will be demonstrated below. Due to the varying applications of trailers there exist different types of tandem trailers as per their most suitable applications. These trailers also come fitted with different features also determined by their predetermined applications.


Benefits of Buying Tandem Trailers for Sale


A tandem trailer has greater load bearing capabilities thanks to the extra tires that increase the surface area over which the load weight is distributed and can therefore even double the load bearing capabilities of same size single axle trailer. This is great especially where the load requirements may increase in the future.


Tandem trailers have added stability from the added axle. The added stability is great at facilitating safe highway speeds. The trailer is less susceptible to swaying by a side wind as compared to single axle trailers. With the added stability, you can even change a flat tire on the trailer without a jack.


Tandem trailers are required to have brakes. The added advantage of brakes is that they increase safety during hauling of cargo. Having brakes fitted on the trailer provides you with better control of the trailer and, therefore, guarantees a safer ride.


Inherent Drawbacks Tandem Trailers for Sale


The main drawback of a tandem axle trailer is that with the increased number of axles come increased requirements on maintenance. When looking at tandem trailers for sale,make sure that you are ready for the increased maintenance costs of tires axle requirements not to mention higher tool charges. In some jurisdictions you might be charged a toll for every extra axle.


The Main Factors to Consider When Looking at Tandem Trailers for Sale


When looking at Tandem Trailers for sale, be sure to keep your budget in mind. Depending on the features on the trailer, different prices will be quoted. Superior suspension among other features may cost more.


There are many different types of Tandem Trailers for sale; depending on the purpose in mind. For instance, a flatbed trailer is great for ferrying cargo that is not weather sensitive, whereas transporting a horse is more suited to an enclosed trailer.


Also remember that depending on the purpose of the trailer, ensure the tandem trailers for saleyou are looking at are fitted with the right features considering their use. A trailer to be used for transporting animals has to have the relevant features suitable for this use such as proper ventilation. A tandem trailer to be used for hauling cargo may be fitted with a ramp to support convenient loading using a forklift or other motorised means. Find out more info at http://www.economytrailers.com.au/.