6x4 Box trailer with cage for sale in Brisbane in Goodna, QLD



Just like our trailers our cages are Australian Made.

They are built strong and durable, best value for money.

The cage bolts into the purpose designed corner posts on the trailer.

If you need a trailer for going to rubbish dump, this trailer is ideal.

Trailer 6x4

  • Welded zinc sheet panels
  • Solid axle with new ford hubs
  • Quick Release Coupling with galvanized rated safety chain
  • Tie rails on four sides, welded to panels and rhs steel
  • Mudguards welded to panels with gussets for extra support
  • Trailer is painted with industrial hammertone paint.
  • We register on the spot for you ( Qld only) no need to go to Department of transport.

  • The joy of buying cheap is short, but the joy of buying quality is everlasting.
    For over 23 years Economy Trailers has been servicing South East Qld, including Lockyer Valley, Ipswich, Warwick, and Toowoomba.
    Every trailer is fabricated from raw material at our Goodna factory. Fabrication of every trailer complies fully with Australian ADR standards. Quality without compromise.
    As a Brisbane trailer manufacturer we are able to change designs to suit customers special designs.

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    Using high quality steel and extensive engineering experience Economy Trailers specialises in Box Trailers and Box Trailer parts.

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